Twinning is Winning! (Promotion Inside)

Twinning is Winning! (Promotion Inside)

Why Do We Twin?

To Win, Of Course! No, but on a serious note... Every family loves to match or color coordinate outfits, especially for pictures and special occasions. Children love to dress similar to the people they look up to or the people they spend a lot of time with, therefore creating a stronger bond. Matchy-matchy dressing certainly appeals to the masses and doesn't seem like it's going away anytime soon. Twinning is now firmly embedded as one of the most popular trends of the day, and it’s easy to see why!  

How Can Our Kiddos Twin in Indowestern Wear?

Luckily, for kids today, fashion has come a long way and we are now surrounded by an ample array of twinning options. Whether you are an old hand or a shiny newbie, you won’t struggle to find your family's twinning style.

For ethnic wear, however, that might not always be the case. It could be a little difficult to match, especially for the two genders, but there is always a way to develop the twinning aspect. One could match through the colors of the outfit or through the design. If it's hard to match dresses, family members or friends will match accessories (i.e. hats, jewelry or sunglasses). Coordination between outfits and accessories is very fun and engaging for a child as well as the parent. It’s fairly easy to match these days, therefore twinning will always stay winning!

How Can Lilies & Butterflies Help?

Our shop offers various little girls' lehengas and young boys' waistcoat sets in mommy and daddy sizes making it easy for the entire family to coordinate! We also offer girls' shararas with similarly patterned boys' kurta pyjama making it easy for siblings to coordinate. Visit our online shop under "Mommy & Me", "Daddy & Me" and matching sibling sets to learn more!

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-Lilies & Butterflies team